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Integration Service download buttoneProsima Integration Service is an open source product that enables intercommunication of an arbitrary number of protocols that speak different languages.

If one has a number of complex systems and wills to combine them to create a larger, even more complex system, Integration Service can act as an intermediate message-passing tool that, by speaking a common language, centralizes and mediates the integration.

The communication between the different protocols is made possible by system-specific plugins, or System Handles. These provide the necessary conversion between the target protocols and the common representation language spoken by Integration Service, based on an implementation of the xTypes. Once a system is communicated with the core, it enters the Integration Service world and can straightforwardly reach out to any other system that already exists in this world.

The Integration Service Docker image is now available to download here.



  Easy Configuration: As detailed above, an Integration Service instance is easily configurable by means of a YAML file. For more information on how to do so, please consult the YAML Configuration section of this documentation.

  Quick Platform ExtensionNew platforms can easily enter the Integration Service world by generating the plugin, or System Handle needed by the core to integrate them. By default, the following protocols are supported: Fast DDSFIWAREROSROS 2 and WebSocket.

  Support for IDL 4.2 and xTypes: The Integration Service Core uses xTypes as the common representation language for transmitting information between each System Handle instance that is desired to establish a communication between.

  Free and Open Source: Apache License 2.0

  Full RTPS compliance: OMG RTPS 2.2 Compliant

  Personalized Services & Commercial Support available

  Well documented & easy to use: See our available documentation

  Well suited for: Robotics, IoT, Automotive, Critical applications




Integration Service architecture



Typical scenarios in which eProsima Integration Service is used are:




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