High performance

eProsima is specialized in high-performance middleware. Check out comparatives such as Fast DDS vs Cyclone DDS, Shared Memory vs UDPMicro XRCE-DDS Memory Profiling or ZeroMQ vs Fast RTPS.

Standards based

eProsima is member of the standardization body called Object Management Group (OMG), creating and implementing middleware standards, such as DDSRTPS, DDS-XRCERPC over DDS, CDR, etc.

Open source

eProsima believes in the open source model. The source codes of all main products are published on GitHub under Apache 2.0 license.


Products and Services

eProsima, the middleware experts, owns in-depth knowledge of DDS-standard based networking middleware solutions for real-time distributed systems. 

The company assists customers in developing quality communication systems by analyzing the design, recommending the right middleware solutions, and offering support throughout all development and deployment phases.

By developing eProsima in-house productstools and features, the company is able to offer customized solutions for high-performance distributed systems.

Empowering Robotics application developers with a powerful micro-ROS infrastructure is one of the Renesas Electronics goals. Our collaboration with eProsima in our strong RA family, our latest 32-bit MCU ARM Cortex-M core line-up, will be an ideal platform to do so. Together with the excellent support by eProsima we worked hard to ensure that the micro-ROS solution offers a seamless developer experience to bring new Robotics applications to the market even faster.
Bernd Westhoff, Renesas Electronic Corporation.
“eProsima has been working for us the last years, helping us to develop an interoperability specification for our C2 Systems, covering both the protocol for different datalinks and a comprehensive information model. The solution they designed and implemented for data communications over our tactical radios incremented the performance several orders of magnitude over previous systems.”
C2 Systems Analyst, Spanish Army.
“During the design of the new version of ROS (Robot Operating System) we performed a comprehensive study of the middleware technologies available and selected the DDS (Data Distribution Service) standard as the basis for communication within ROS. We are supporting multiple DDS implementations, but have selected eProsima Fast RTPS as the default for ROS because of the permissive open source license, implementation quality, and friendly support.”
Brian Gerkey, Open Robotics CEO.