The ROS2 Integration Service (FA-4457705782) is an open source software solution, born as the result of a project initiative funded by ROS Industrial (ROSIN) for an awarded period of 12 months. Its objective is to facilitate the connection between ROS 2 and other protocols, and to enable ROS 2 messages over WAN/Internet. The integration is mediated by the creation of a common framework, standard interfaces, and useful services to create general bridges and transformations.

ROS2 Integration Service:

The planned features for the ROS 2 Integration Service are: 

  • Bridges from ROS 2 to other commonly used protocols (DDS, ROS 1, MQTT, zeroMQ, a file/DB, etc) through Protocol Connectors called “System-Handles”, allowing also messages transformations.
  • Routing across WAN/Internet
  • Support for IDL 4.2
  • Support for Dynamic Types

eProsima and ROS2 Integration Service:

eProsima proposed, developed, and now maintains and continues with this project as the eProsima Integration Service. The relevant repository on GitHub can be found here.

ROS2 Integration Service financing:

The ROS2 Integration Service is a Focused Technical Project (FTP) financed by ROSIN with a duration of 12 months. ROSIN itself is a EU-funded project under the research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, and its purpose is to apply open source to factory automation through ROS.ROS industrial logo

More Information about ROS2 Integration Service:

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