Personalized Services  

In eProsima we combine years of experience developing and integrating standard based middleware solutions into real-time and embedded systems. We are networking middleware experts committed to provide personalized, high-quality development assessment and service support to fulfill particular customer needs. Our reliable technology, Fast DDS and Micro XRCE-DDS, is broadly used in high demanding real-time environments of Robotics, Internet of Things and Critical Applications for defence, aerospatial, railway, and automotive autonomous driving among other fields.

Architecture Study

The Architecture Study provides a comprehensive analysis of the whole customer’s system architecture, covering the overall architecture design, the data model design and the QoS setting

This service starts with the customer’s use case requirements and closes with a detailed report that includes optimization recommendations, general findings and a testing phase. The result is an extremely fast, efficient and reliable communication layer in the customer’s network.

Engineering Time

The Engineering Time defines a bundle of hours which can be used, for example to solve possible reported issues and bugs in long term projects or to develop new desired product features for eProsima solutions.

This handcrafted engineering support will reduce time and budget consumption of customers while offering a fast and personalized service, maintaining the project within schedule.

How can we help you? 

We truly believe in open source based solutions, the power of the great community around it and all its benefits. Our products offer great flexibility to use them according to your needs, and they ease interoperability and connectivity with the existing infrastructure providing freedom to the users to make changes to its features when needed.

Since our products are available for free under the Apache 2.0 license, we fund our activity by performing high quality technological consultancy (Architecture Studies) and yearly support (Engineering Hours) that help our customers reduce their time to market, accelerate their solution design and reduce their integration efforts and resource expenditure. 

We also provide specific product feature acceleration services, funded by sponsors and we participate in Research & Development projects, leveraging our experts´ deep know-how working in a wide variety of real time communications of vertical solutions.

For more information about eProsima and our services:

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