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eProsima Shapes Demo is an open source desktop application that enables the graphical representation of Publishers and Subscribers in different colors and sizes moving on a board. Each shape stands for one topic (square, triangle or circle), which can be broken down into various instances, represented by different colors.

Shapes Demo can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of eProsima Fast DDS, such as the principles of the publish-subscribe concepts, or to prove interoperability with other implementations of the DDS protocol in an easy and visual manner.

A single Shapes Demo session can publish or subscribe to several topics at a time.


  Free and Open Source: Apache License 2.0

  Multi-Platform Integration: supported in Linux and Windows

  Interoperability: Shapes Demo provides interoperability with other DDS providers

  Well documented & easy to use: see our available documentation



The following image shows the graphical interface of Shapes Demo. In this case Shapes Demo uses  Fast DDS to show the different shape and color options available for the user to publish and subscribe to different topics.



The following Shapes Demo video shows various interoperability use cases involving different DDS implementations.



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