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eProsima DDS Router is an open source end-user software that enables communication of geographically spaced DDS networks.

This is achieved by deploying the DDS Router on an edge device of each local network. The DDS Router then routes traffic from one network to the other through WAN communication.

eProsima DDS Router is a free & open source software (Apache License 2.0) with the option of commercial support.

The DDS Router Docker image is now available for download!



Networks: Mesh and cloud-based networks

 Easy Multi- Platform: Linux and Windows

 Free and open source: Apache License 2.0

 Personalized Services & Commercial Support available

 Well documented: See our available documentation

 Perfectly suitable for: Robotics, IoT, Automotive, Critical applications.



  • DDS communication over Internet: WAN communication over TCP
  • Entity discovery: Intermediate DDS Router nodes discover entities entering and leaving the network dynamically
  • High resource efficiency:
    1. Fast data forwarding by avoiding data introspection
    2. Zero-copy of routed data
    3. Topic allow listing - data filtering
  • Easy deployment: Configurable modular system - no knowledge of computer networks needed




Release Notes Manuals

Latest Release

Installation and User Manual

Example of Usage




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