Madrid, July 2021

The Hircus from CAPRA Robotics is a patented platform for outdoor mobile robots and integrates micro-ROS to close the gap between low and high-level systems.

"A small rotation for a robot, a revolution for humanity", Capra Robotics ApS.

This adventure started in 2019 on a greenfield project. Today, the Hircus is close to TRL8 (Technical Readiness Level) and therefore ready-to-market in the very near future FY22. It will mainly be targeting the inspection & surveillance industry, although it also addresses multiple use cases through the system integrators channel. The main advantages of CAPRA wheel frame are: patented agility, freedom to operate, high speed & strength, agile precise driving and improved range.

In order to close the gap between the low-level and high-level systems, Capra integrated micro-ROS in the Hircus prototype. The advantageous micro-ROS framework accomplishes the objective of removing the heavy burden of bringing microcontrollers into ROS 2 in a simple manner.

The micro-ROS stack is built using the official micro-ROS tooling and linked against a Cpp application in the CAPRA toolchain. It is running on an STM32F7 based embedded board with FreeRTOS and Ethernet interface.

Today micro-ROS is getting adopted by industry vendors serving real use cases that need to bring microcontrollers to their systems. For a ROS 2 developer, working with micro-ROS is almost transparent, really well documented and the development is very active.


Capra Robotics is specialized in outdoor mobile robots based on a cut-edge patented chassis that removes the challenges that have troubled the mobile robot industry for years (lack of versatility, poor driving capabilities, short ranges, low operating time and high pricing).

Capra Hircus product is designed to easily integrate with additional hardware or software, making it customizable for specific applications. It accommodates the client needs for automated solutions for various purposes including but not limited to, cutting cost, saving time, mitigating carbon footprint, and alleviating strain on personnel due to repetitive work.


eProsima is an SME company focused on networking middleware with special attention to the OMG (Object Management Group) standard called Data Distribution Service for real-time systems (DDS). The company’s DDS middleware solutions find special interest in the robotic, IoT and automotive sector, being Fast DDS a middleware implementation for larger robotic systems like ROS 2 and Micro XRCE-DDS the default middleware for micro-ROS, a robot operating system for microcontrollers.


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