The All-in-One ROS 2 tool set 

ROS 2 development stack with exclusive tools


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Vulcanexus is an open-source software stack for the development of robotic applications. It combines the advantages of the ROS 2 stack, Fast DDS as its middleware, and selected components for an improved user experience. It includes solutions for microcontroller integration, robot simulation, cloud/edge communication and performance monitoring.

The result is a highly performance-optimized robotic software stack with no need to invest extra time and effort in configuring all the necessary components. Latency and throughput will already show improvements using the default settings.

Vulcanexus continuously synchronizes with the latest versions of Fast DDS and all of its components. Users will benefit from constant improvements and new features.

The ROS 2 tool set offers a variety of libraries and tools for easy and personalized configuration of robotic projects. It guarantees a fixed DDS middleware for ROS 2, Fast DDS, for efficient high quality communication. 

Visit the website vulcanexus.org and download the package of your choice for free!


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eProsima and Vulcanexus

Vulcanexus is an eProsima project.

It was launched in 2022 as an All-in-One ROS 2 tool set, with components that complement each other in order to create a unique user experience with outstanding network-optimized results in an effortless way.

The Vulcanexus stack has been created by eProsima, which discovered the need to offer the users a 360º solution with all the in-house products and tools implemented in ROS 2.