Madrid, December 2018

The OSRF announced the release of Crystal Clemmys in December 2018. eProsima is closely cooperating with the OSRF in the ROS 2 project, aligning the roadmap and schedule of our eProsima FAST RTPS 1.7.0, launched recently, and the default middleware of ROS 2 for this new release. The new ROS 2 release is a big step towards the adoption of ROS 2, promoting the migration from ROS1.

ROS 2 Crystal Clemmys release 2018

ROS 2 announced the ROS 2 release of Crystal Clemmys which surprises with several new features and improvements such as:

Crystal Clemmys platforms:

Crystal Clemmys is mainly supported on the following platforms:

  • Tier 1 platforms: Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic), Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra), Windows 10.
  • Tier 2 platforms: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial).

For more information please read ROS 2 Crystal Clemmys release announcement.

eProsima in ROS 2 with FAST RTPS version 1.7.0

eProsima is closely cooperating within the ROS 2 project, aligning our roadmap and schedule of the new release of eProsima FAST RTPS 1.7.0, launched recently. 

This release introduces several new features:

  • TCP Transport. Fast RTPS across Internet/WAN
  • Dynamic Topic Types. Create your types at run-time (no IDL required), type introspection & dynamic type discovery.
  • Security 1.1 compliance. The latest DDS Security Specification

But there is more:

The new version includes also bug fixing, and allocation and performance improvements.

ROS 2 future release D-turtle in 2019

The next ROS 2 release D-turtle is scheduled for June 2019. The information on the D-turtle meta ticket on GitHub will be available in the near future with more details. 

More Information about eProsima Fast RTPS:

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