Madrid, May 2021

micro-ROS memory profiling

OFERA has updated the analysis of the memory footprint of the micro-ROS Client library. 

As a result of the many refactorizations and improvements micro-ROS went through lately (see e.g. here and here), the whole stack comes now with a whole different -significantly smaller!- memory footprint.

More concretely, the implementation of shared memory pools for entities to handle the RMW static memory, as compared to the previous paradigm, based on a per entity allocation of pools, is what allows those entities in need to receive data (subscribers, clients, and servers) to save quite a lot of memory.

To grasp an idea of the order of magnitude of the memory saving, it is useful to compare the new set of results obtained by performing the same measurements which were performed back in October, and check the consumption of the most critical cases.

Find the complete micro-ROS client Memory Profiling here.


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