We are experts in  middleware, especially for distributed systems with high performance requirements. We help you designing your distributed system covering all the areas impacting communications: The middleware technology to choose, the data model, the Quality of Service for the different data flows, the data links, how to test the systems, etc.

We have experience in DDS, JMS, Web Services, REST, CORBA, Apache Thrift, etc. We can offer you training, expert configuration and tuning, load testing, data model optimization, debug complex systems.

5 Common mistakes designing your distributed system

  • Poor Data model/Interface design: A good data model can save you tons of problems later and can ease your distributed system development. What is the data which needs to travel? How should you group it?
  • Ignore the data flow/interaction pattern: Analyze carefully the data flows and the interaction patterns. There are 3 fundamental interactions: Point-to-point, Request/Reply and Publish/Subscribe each of them leading to many specialized patterns: Remote Procedure Calls (One-way, Synchronous and asynchronous) , events, topic publish/subscribe, message oriented, distributed databases, etc.
  • Incorrect middleware selection: There are a lot of middleware options available, and each one has its own pros and cons, there is no a middleware for any scenario. We have to study carefully their features, performance, standardization, user base and support, etc.
  • Lack of fine configuration of the different Qualities of Service for each data flow: Analyze deeply every aspect in the communications.
  • Don't plan the future: The distributed systems evolve in time, consider scalability, versioning, extensibility, topology changes, etc. If you don't plan carefully the evolution of your system, some new features can require a complete re-design.

eProsima Advantage

Our company has been selected many customers, ranging from small enterprises to government institutions and armies to help them designing their distributed systems. We have worked for different sectors: Defense, Air Traffic Control, Energy, Telecomm...Check out our porfolio here