We are experts in middleware and we can provide you with the necessary training and insight. Or we can go further and do the complete communication layer of your system for you; from studying your requirements to create an optimum data model and select the appropriate middleware, to decide the correct Quality of Service settings and encapsulate that for you in an easy to use library or service.

We have developed communication layers for many customers (take a look to our portfolio), and we have experience in DDS, JMS, Web Services, REST, CORBA, Apache Thrift, etc.

Reasons to create a middleware Wrapper

  • Avoid expose middleware complexity to all your team: Your team may count with experienced middleware programmers, but you don't want to expose the communications details to everybody, and you create a module or service easier to use for your specific case.
  • Ease the development: Encapsulating the functionality you need in handy functions or services which allow you to concentrate on the logic of your distributed application.
  • Implement Modular Design: Exposing the communication layer as a separate piece in your design. In a modular design several programmers can work on individual programs at the same time, thus, making the development of program faster. The code base is easier to debug, update and modify.
  • Support a different Programming Language: This is a very typical case. Imagine the middleware API you are using is not available in your favorite programming language. You need to create a wrapper. Most times, old middleware technology does not support modern programming languages (Ruby, Python, Haskell...), and vice versa, modern middleware usually does not support legacy programming languages (ADA, COBOL, PL1...)

eProsima Advantage

Our company has been selected by many customers, ranging from small enterprises to government institutions and armies to help them designing their distributed systems. We have worked for different sectors: Defense, Air Traffic Control, Energy, Telecomm... Check out our portfolio here.