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Keep full track of your DDS traffic

eProsima DDS Record and Replay is an open source functionality based on rosbag2 aimed to record and replay traffic generated by eProsima Fast DDS (long term default implementation underneath ROS 2).

eProsima DDS Record and Replay allows the user to monitor the ROS 2 traffic in real time continuously, and to play it back at any given time. This highly contributes to facilitating simulation of real life conditions, application testing, optimizing data analysis and general troubleshooting.




 Data Logs Troubleshooting: Detect the possible issues that may occur in the communication on a DDS environment network using Fast DDS

 Real-time: Track the DDS topics traffic status in real-time

 Easy to use: Simple instructions to start recordings and playbacks in terminals defined by the user

  Easy Multi- Platform: Linux and Windows

Open-source: Apache License 2.0

Well documented: How to use eProsima DDS Record & Replay (rosbag2 and DDS)

 Personalized Services & Commercial Support available

 Perfectly suitable for: Robotics, IoT, Automotive, Critical applications.



Data logging applications vary a lot depending on the use case, from very simple data such as a trajectory of a robotic platform to highly complex systems such as an autonomous vehicle with multiple redundant high resolution sensors. Thus, their file size can range from a few kilobytes up to multiple terabytes and millions of message instances stored. 

The capability to record and replay system data of all types efficiently has been proven to be essential for data analysis, simulation of real environments, and debugging purposes.




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