Robots, they are already here.


We are witnessing a revolution in this area. Years ago the robots arrived to the factories and now they are starting to be in every aspect our lives. Drones following you to take videos of your favorite activities, automatic vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, surveillance camera robots…

They are already here so it is the technology, robotics frameworks, kits and components are emerging and now it is very easy to build a robot for companies and individuals. 

eProsima and the Robot Operating System (ROS)

eProsima is a contributor of ROS, the Robot Operating System, providing networking middleware for the upcoming release. Our product eProsima Fast RTPS has been selected as the default middleware for ROS 2.

eProsima Fast RTPS is an open source product, and it is available on GitHub and our website free of charge. As a result, several important robotics companies are using or evaluating eProsima Fast RTPS for their Robots.

FIWARE Advanced Middleware - ROS Enabled.

eProsima is the middleware leader for the FIWARE (Future Internet WARE) European initiative developing the FIWARE Advanced Middleware. The FIWARE European initiative has created a set of software technologies and tools freely available for the European Startups and entrepreneurs.

KIARA Includes a Java implementation of eProsima Fast RTPS, ensuring interoperability with ROS applications.

The eProsima Advantage

RTPS was designed as a protocol for Robotics, and our products implement this protocol both in Java and C/C , as part of the company strategy to offer open source solutions to this sector.