eProsima and IoT

IoT devices have to communicate through the internet, receiving or sending gathered information.

The question is: How do they do that?

Normally each device has an embedded system which is their computing system. This system can be bigger or smaller depending on what kind or how much data has to be gathered, sent or analysed. The network, to which all these devices are connected to, is called a distributed system. In order to communicate through this system IoT uses a so called middleware, which means a defined language and protocol.

eProsima develops an open source middleware for bigger systems, which is called Fast DDS (formerly known as Fast RTPS), and one for smaller distributed systems like microcontrollers, which is called Micro XRCE-DDS.

Both middleware products are based on the OMG (Object Management Group) DDS standard and are compatible for full service coverage.


Why eProsima?

eProsima middleware for microcontrollers, Micro XRCE-DDS, is the first implementation of a new standard of the OMG (XRCE-DDS) designed specifically for IoT devices. These devices usually run on batteries, in a semi disconnected environment, and use boards and microcontrollers with very low resources. This product is the basis of micro-ROS, the extension of ROS (The Robot Operating System) for microcontrollers, being a good example of connecting IoT sensors to robotic system, creating a totally distributed robot. The word “robot” could be replaced by any larger distributed system, such as Smart Factories, Smart Cities, etc.

Another project eProsima is implicated in is FIWARE: eProsima is the middleware leader for the FIWARE (Future Internet WARE) European initiative. FIWARE offers a framework of open source platform components to enhance the development of IoT solutions called FIWARE Context Broker. eProsima provides both of their products, Fast DDS and Micro XRCE-DDS as Incubated Generic Enablers for this framework.


Examples of IoT success cases:


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