IoT is finally here!


The concept Internet of Things (IoT) is finally here. Now you can see embedded devices everywhere, home automation appliances, your phone!, intelligent cars, smart grids, smart cities… Now is really starting, and the grown is expected to be exponential.

eProsima IoT Success Cases

eProsima provides networking middleware for this kind of applications, such as INDRA Energy InSPEED framework for energy smart grid applications or the INDRA Smart Home Appliances. We support the main mobile operating systems, such as iOS and Android, and many embedded operating systems.

FIWARE IoT Middleware

eProsima is the middleware leader for the FIWARE (Future Internet WARE) European initiative developing the FIWARE Advanced Middleware - KIARA, a middleware designed with IoT in mind. The FIWARE European initiative has created a set of software technologies and tools freely available for the European Startups and entrepreneurs.

The eProsima Advantage

Our engineers provide the insight to select the correct middleware technologies and set up the different parameters to ensure the required Quality of Service (QoS), personalizing the products and creating specific tools if required.