Critical Apps

eProsima provides middleware services and products for many critical applications, such as ATC (Air Traffic Control) Systems, C2 (Command and Control) Systems, UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicles) Ground Stations, etc.
A fail in a critical application will lead by definition to catastrophic consequences, both in the business and in the human area. This means any software used in this kind of applications should be highly reliable and proved. Most of these applications have hard real time requirements, and such systems should not miss a deadline.

eProsima is specialized in high performance middleware and most of our customers develop critical applications.

Air Traffic Control

A good example is the European Air Traffic Control. We provide middleware services and products for Air Traffic Control Systems deployed in many countries such as Spain, UK, Germany, and others.
These systems manage information about flight plans, radar tracks, etc. and are really critical. They should be up 24/7 and data delivery and integrity guarantied. Also, the ATC systems have very exigent requirements:

  • Very high throughput: manage large amounts of data, such complex flight plans.
  • Scalability: Large number of nodes, many ATC facilities have more than 200 nodes.
  • Redundancy: using mechanisms such double lan, persistence services, redundant nodes, etc.

C2 Systems

Another example are the C2 systems. We provide middleware services and products for the Spanish Army C2 systems, including helping to design the data model and the interoperability specification with other systems.
These systems manage real-time information about military units, alarms, facilities, obstacles, etc. using data links ranging from Ethernet to tactical radios with very low bandwidth, therefore C2 systems have also very demanding requirements:

  • Low latency and high throughput over any datalink, including tactical radios.
  • Complex data model with many kind of entities.
  • Interoperability with other C2 systems, both national and international.

The eProsima Advantage

Our engineers provide the insight to select the correct middleware technologies and set up the different parameters to ensure the required Quality of Service (QoS), personalizing the products and creating specific tools if required.