eProsima and Automotive

The development of self-driving cars is not the future but the present of the automotive industry. This evolution in the mobility industry brings new technology challenges in the development of the autonomous capabilities that can only be addressed with a communication middleware that ensures the right connectivity between all devices. Extremely low latency, high throughput and minimal memory consumption are required.

The open source middleware products developed by eProsima, called Fast DDS (formerly known as Fast RTPS) and Micro XRCE-DDS, are based on the DDS standard of the OMG (Object Management Group) and provide the high-performance solution for real time distributed architectures and embedded systems.


Why eProsima?

eProsima has proven experience in the automotive industry, being Fast DDS the chosen middleware implementation for projects of NXP, Deutsche Bahn, Apex.ai and projects like Apollo.auto, Autosar, among others. 

The Fast DDS middleware provides not only striking fast communication that beats other DDS alternatives, but also real-time behavior, one of the key elements necessary in the development of autonomous transports.


Examples of automotive success cases:


More information about eProsima, middleware and Automotive:

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