Madrid, February 2019

eProsima is proud to announce that it has become a member of the ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee. The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) consists of representatives of organizations that contribute to the development of the Robot Operating System 2 (ROS 2). Jaime Martin Losa (CEO) will set the technical direction for the second generation of the Robot Operating System together with representatives from Amazon, Apex.AI, Arm, Bosch, Intel, LG, Microsoft, Open Robotics, Robotis, TARDEC, and Toyota.

Madrid, February 2019

Apex.AI, a leading producer of software for autonomous mobility systems, is developing Apex.OS which is a safe, secure, robust and certified version of ROS 2. Apex.OS is using open source eProsima Fast RTPS product as one of its two backbone middlewares.

Madrid,  January 2019

ROBOTIS Co., Ltd has chosen eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS (Data-Distribution Service for Extremely Resource Constrained Environments) for the CommXel microcontroller firmware to integrate their XEL Network into ROS 2.

Madrid, January 2019

The CEO of eProsima Jaime Martin Losa participated in the project DIH2 kick-off at the Tampere Conference in Finland. The conference discussed two EU funded projects of robotics: A Pan‐European Network of Robotics DIHs for Agile Production (DIH2) and Human - Robot collaboration project (Trinity), held in Tampere, Finland on 15-17 January 2019.

Madrid, December 2018

The OSRF announced the release of Crystal Clemmys in December 2018. eProsima is closely cooperating with the OSRF in the ROS 2 project, aligning the roadmap and schedule of our eProsima FAST RTPS 1.7.0, launched recently, and the default middleware of ROS 2 for this new release. The new ROS 2 release is a big step towards the adoption of ROS 2, promoting the migration from ROS1.

Madrid, December 2018

eProsima announces the general availability of eProsima Micro-XRCE-DDS. eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS implements a client-server protocol to enable resource-constrained devices (clients) to take part in DDS communications. Micro XRCE-DDS Agent (server) makes possible this communication. Micro XRCE-DDS provides both, a plug and play Micro XRCE-DDS Agent and an API layer which allows you to implement your Micro XRCE-DDS Clients.

eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS is being used in some real applications by notable companies, Renesas and Robotics are examples of this, and also is the basis of growing community efforts and projects as micro-ROS.

Madrid, December 2018

eProsima coordinates the publicly-funded project OFERA  to create the micro-ROS robotic framework and is proud to have a chance to improve the development of robotics together with the other OFERA members: BOSCH, PIAP, FIWARE Foundation and Acutronics Robotics.

micro-ROS is a project to create a platform for integrating micro-controllers in a robotic system extending the existing ROS2 framework. This platform should serve to seamless integration of resource constrained devices in the robot ecosystem preserving the ROS2 concepts and at the same time allowing communication between micro-controllers based solution (micro-ROS) and general ROS2 solution using a client-server architecture.

Madrid, December 2018

We are proud to announce that we have moved to a new office location to accommodate our growth in eProsima.

Our new office address is:

Plaza de la Encina 10-11 Nucleo 4, 2ª Planta,

28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid

Madrid, December 2018

eProsima announces the general availability of eProsima Fast RTPS 1.7.0. This release introduces several new features:

  • TCP Transport. Fast RTPS across Internet/WAN
  • Dynamic Topic Types. Create your types at run-time (no IDL required), type introspection & dynamic type discovery.
  • Security 1.1 compliance. The latest DDS Security Specification

But there is more:

The new version includes also bug fixing, and allocation and performance improvements.

eProsima Fast RTPS is a high-performance publish-subscribe framework to share data in distributed systems using a decoupled model based on Publishers, Subscribers and Data Topics.

Aranjuez, December 2018

eProsima believes in maintaining a strong company environment in which everyone can grow and develop both within the organization, and as an individual with personal goals, especially if this is our overall health. This healthy environment is maintained by eProsima Christmas team event running a 10km race.

Malaga, November 2018

eProsima presented “Fast RTPS for Robotics and Micro ROS” at FIWARE Global Summit 2018 (Nov 27-28, 2018 – Malaga).

The 5th FIWARE Global Summit brought together 473 attendees and 97 experts who on 27th- 28th of November 2018 attended the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga to speak about newest Smart Technologies.

This Global Summit introduced eProsima Fast RTPS that has been adopted by ROS (Robot Operating System) as their default middleware because of its highly-reliable performance and features. Fast RTPS is also part of the FIWARE platform, a set of components to create smart applications.

Jaime Martín Losa (CEO, eProsima) in two interventions presented how and when to use Fast RTPS to connect to Robots and create distributed smart robotic applications. He spoke about Programming with the Default Middleware for Robotics Adopted in ROS2 and Micro ROS.

Madrid, November 2018

eProsima is proud to announce that it was selected for the DIH2 project - the EU’s advanced robotic solutions oriented network of 26 European digital innovation hubs.