Madrid, November 2016

using std::cpp 2016 conference is an event focused in the latest news about the Cpp programming language. eProsima presented in the conference demonstrating how to connect distributed systems using Cpp and eProsima Fast RTPS.





About using std::cpp 2016 conference

using std::cpp 2016 2016 is the fourth edition of a forum for the exchange of experiences using Cpp language, paying special attention to the latest and future features of the language.The event targets both professional developers and advanced students interested in the Cpp language.

The event is organized by Dr. J. Daniel García, a recognized Cpp Expert and member of the ISO Cpp Standards Committee.


“Fast RTPS is a powerful middleware written entirely in Cpp and Open Source”
Dr. J. Daniel García, using std::cpp organizer.


About Dr. J. Daniel García:

Dr. J. Daniel García is an Associate Professor (Profesor Titular de Universidad) at University Carlos III of Madrid where he is part of the ARCOS research group (www.arcos.inf.uc3m.es). Previously he has held other positions in academia and industry.
From his position as a researcher at University Carlos III of Madrid, he has worked in several research projects both publicly funded and for companies (such as EADS or ADIF). He has led the REPARA FP7 European Project aiming for a better balance between performance, energy and maintainability of software in parallel heterogeneous computing architectures. He also leads UC3M participation in the RePhrase () H2020 European Project on refactoring Cpp software for parallel heterogeneous platforms. Ha has co-authored more than 20 articles in international journals as well as other 30 articles in international scientific conferences.
His current research interests include high performance computing, new programming models and the Cpp programming language. 
He is a member of the ACM and a senior member of the IEEE Computer Society.
Since September 2008 he is a member of the ISO Cpp Standards Committee as head of the Spanish delegation. During the past years he has co-authored 30 papers with proposals for ISO Cpp, some of which has been accepted for inclusion in Cpp11, Cpp14 and Cpp17.

More information:

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