Madrid, May 2023

Fast DDS support to QNX

eProsima is thrilled to announce the official support in Fast DDS for QNX 7.1, a real-time operating system built for the world’s most critical embedded systems. Fast DDS, the leading open-source implementation of the OMG’s DDS (Data Distribution Service) standard, opens up with this integration new possibilities for developers and organizations seeking robust and efficient real-time communication solutions.

With the addition of QNX as a Tier 1 supported platform, Fast DDS empowers developers to leverage the unique features of this real-time operating system, further enhancing their real-time communication infrastructure. Fast DDS's support for QNX brings to its users several benefits such as:

  • Reliability and Determinism: QNX 7.1 is renowned for its reliability and determinism, making it an ideal choice for safety-critical and mission-critical systems. By integrating with Fast DDS, users can harness the real-time capabilities of QNX to build robust and predictable communication systems.
  • Seamless Integration: The official support for QNX 7.1 ensures a seamless integration experience for developers. Fast DDS provides easy-to-use APIs and extensive documentation, enabling users to quickly leverage the full potential of QNX in their real-time applications.
  • High Performance: Fast DDS, combined with QNX 7.1, offers exceptional performance, ensuring efficient data exchange even in demanding real-time environments. This opens doors to applications requiring rapid and precise data delivery, such as autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, and aerospace systems.

This support brings the benefits of Fast DDS, such as low latency, high reliability, and scalability, to QNX-based systems, allowing a range of potential use cases for critical applications in different industries:

  • Autonomous Vehicles: QNX is widely adopted in the autonomous vehicle industry due to its real-time capabilities and safety-critical features. With Fast DDS integration, developers can build a reliable and high-performance communication framework for exchanging critical sensor data, control signals, and situational awareness information among various vehicle components.
  • Industrial Automation: Real-time communication is vital in industrial automation systems, where timely and accurate data exchange is crucial for process control, monitoring, and coordination. Fast DDS, with QNX 7.1 support, enables seamless integration of diverse industrial devices, facilitating efficient communication and enhancing overall system performance.
  • Aerospace and Defense: In the aerospace and defense sectors, reliable and low-latency communication is key for mission-critical applications. Fast DDS, coupled with QNX's deterministic capabilities, enables seamless integration of avionics systems, ground control systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles, ensuring real-time data synchronization and precise command execution.

The official support for QNX 7.1 in Fast DDS marks a significant milestone in real-time communication technology. By combining the strengths of Fast DDS and QNX, developers can unlock the full potential of real-time applications for autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, aerospace systems and more. Try today Fast DDS with QNX 7.1 and build cutting-edge, efficient, and robust real-time communication solutions.


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