Madrid, May 2023

Fast DDS Spy

eProsima is excited to announce the release of its latest tool, the Fast DDS Spy. This Command Line Interface (CLI) interactive tool enables users to get real-time information on their DDS network in a human-readable format. The Fast DDS Spy tool is designed to help developers, testers, and system administrators to better understand their DDS network and identify performance issues, bottlenecks, and anomalies.


The Fast DDS Spy tool uses the DynamicTypes functionality of the eProsima Fast DDS, the open-source C implementation of the DDS (Data Distribution Service) Specification defined by the Object Management Group (OMG). This allows the tool to automatically discover DDS topics, data types, and entities without any additional configuration, making it very easy to set up and use.

Fast DDS Spy is a powerful tool that provides a wealth of information about the DDS network. With this tool, users can query the network about the DomainParticipants connected, their endpoints (DataWriters and DataReaders), and the topics they communicate in. It is also possible to see the user data sent through network topics in a schematic format in real-time.


The tool is easily configurable and installed with a default setup, so that DDS topics, data types, and entities are automatically discovered without the need to specify the types of data. This helps to reduce the time and effort required to set up and configure the tool, enabling users to focus on getting the information they need to optimize their DDS network.

The Fast DDS Spy tool is also easily extensible, allowing users to add new commands and functionalities to the tool. This makes it possible to customize the tool to meet the specific needs of different users, whether they are developers, testers, or system administrators.

Try Fast DDS Spy today and get real-time information about DDS networks. This easy to use tool is a valuable asset for developers, testers, and system administrators who want to optimize their DDS networks for better performance and reliability.



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