Madrid, November 2021

eProsima is excited to announce its attendance at the Virtual ROS-Industrial conference 2021, the conference that gathers the ROS-Industrial Community around topics that go from the new developments to an overview of the software, activities and community.

The online event will take place during the 1st and the 2nd of December. The first day will be focused on high-level business related aspects of ROS. The second day, more targeted to the ROS community, will explore topics related to new developments and the future of the community.

eProsima will participate in a talk during the second day of the event under the scope of ROS 2 new technologies. This joint talk, delivered by Jaime Martin, eProsima CEO, and Ananya Muddukrishna, Senior Researcher at Ericsson, will provide insights into the DDS support of 5G integration in ROS 2.

The event is free. Don’t miss out the opportunity to watch this and many other talks delivered by experts of the ROS community. 

The registration for the event is now open here. See you at the ROS-I conference!


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