Madrid, November 2021

With the new addition of Actions, micro-ROS now supports all the ROS 2 communications paradigms (Pub/Sub, Services, Parameters, Lifecycle and Actions)

This means that the RCLC now is fully completed and enables all ROS 2 features.

 Therefore, the full integration with all ROS 2-based interfaces can be achieved from the plain C micro-ROS API. Also, it provides specific features such as a real time executor or static memory handling. 

This way micro-ROS supports the following communications paradigms:


  • Pub/Sub: a node may publish data to any number of topics and simultaneously have subscriptions to any number of topics.
  • Services:only provide data when they are specifically called by a client
  • Parameters: a node can store parameters as integers, floats, booleans, strings and lists.
  • Lifecycle: allows the definition of the high level states of a Node
  • Actions: intended for long running tasks. They consist of three parts: a goal, feedback, and a result.

The RCLC Actions Implementation in micro-ROS supports most of the well-known features of Actions like goal requests, goal cancels, feedback and so on. All of them use the dynamic-memory-free micro-ROS usual approach.

They will be included in RCLC Rolling release v3.0.4


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