Madrid, November 2021

Accessing the eProsima DDS world is now easier than ever with the eProsima DDS suite. This Docker image includes a set of eProsima's products, tools and libraries running on an Ubuntu platform.

The eProsima DDS suite contains eProsima’s most relevant products and also a set of binary examples that showcase functionalities.

The solutions included in the eProsima DDS suite are:

  • Fast DDS: eProsima's open source DDS implementation that provides incredible performance. This library also includes several examples that proves capabilities with Fast DDS.
  • Fast DDS Monitor: a graphical desktop application that allows monitoring in real-time parameters such as latency or throughput in Fast DDS environments.
  • Fast DDS Statistics Backend: Cpp library that allows users to extract and gather performance data from the DDS layer and its publication under given DDS topics.
  • Micro XRCE-DDS: this open source middleware product provides access to the DDS Global-Data-Space from resource-constrained devices.
  • Shapes Demo: open source desktop application that enables the graphical representation of Publishers and Subscribers in different colors and sizes moving on a board.

The eProsima DDS suite can be downloaded here.


For more details check the following documentation:


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