Madrid, April 2021

eProsima has released Micro XRCE-DDS v2.0.0, the latest version of the default middleware used by micro-ROS

Micro XRCE-DDS is an implementation of the DDS-XRCE standard by the OMG, that allows communicating eXtremely Resource Constrained Environments (XRCEs) with an existing DDS network.

This new version of the Micro XRCE-DDS library will be the default version for the RMW implementation of micro-ROS Galactic (to be released soon), and unlike the past version, it aligns the Client and Agent tag numbers to make the version compatible between these two entities patent at all times.

Below you can find a detailed list of the main advancements accomplished in this new version that will boost the performance of your communications:


Micro XRCE-DDS Client v2.0.0

  • Add
    • Middleware callbacks API.
    • Client to Agent ping feature without a session.
    • Micro XRCE-DDS Agent Snap package.
  • Fix / Modify
    • Simplified CLI and removed dependency with CLI11 library.
    • CLI help console output.

Micro XRCE-DDS Agent v2.0.0

  • Add
    • Zephyr RTOS time functions support.
    • Custom transports API.
    • Continuos fragment mode.
  • Fix / Modify
    • Update session creating timing to linear approach.
    • Removed platform handling in user API.

Check out the complete list of changes and bug fixes in Agent, Client and CDR on Micro XRCE-DDS release notes!

Review also the updated and improved documentation!


Low Resource Consumption

  • The design and implementation of this middleware consider the memory restriction of the devices. The latest version of this library has a memory consumption of less than 75KB of Flash memory and 2.5 KB of RAM for a complete publisher and subscriber application.
  • Micro XRCE-DDS Client is completely dynamic memory free, allocating all the memory at start-up.

Multi-Transport Support

  • Contrary to other IoT middleware such as MQTT and CoaP which work over only a particular transport layer, XRCE supports multiple transport protocols natively. In particular, the latest version of Micro XRCE-DDS supports UDP, TCP, and a custom Serial transport protocol.
  • eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS has a transport interface for both Agent and Client which simplifies a transport custom design. This gives the user the possibility of easily implementing the port of Micro XRCE-DDS to different platforms and the addition of new transports.

Multi-Platform Support

  • eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS Client supports Windows, Linux, and NuttX or FreeRTOS as embedded RTOS.
  • eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS Agent supports Windows and Linux platforms.


For more details visit the release page.

Check the following documentation:

Please also visit the eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS product page for more information.


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