Madrid, September 2020

micro-ROS WebinarOn September 23rd, 10am CEST the FIWARE Foundation will hold a webinar within its series of free webinars about open source platform components for Smart Solutions and this time it is all about “Enabling Robotics Systems on Microcontrollers”.

This Webinar will give an introduction about micro-ROS - the Robot Operating System for microcontrollers - and will emphasize on its application on Powered by FIWARE robotic systems. The SOSS-FIWARE component, which is based on the eProsima Integration Service, is the key enabler to integrate micro-ROS and FIWARE ecosystems. An overview of its main features and a working demo in a basic application scenario will be also presented.

ROS stands for Robot Operating System and is an open source project of Open Robotics, formerly known as the Open Source Robotics Foundation. The Robot Operating System, the de facto standard robotic framework, helps to build robot applications by offering software libraries and tools, besides the support of a huge community.

micro-ROS is a robot operating system specifically tailored for embedded and resource-constrained platforms, such as microcontrollers. While inheriting most of its key features and architecture from ROS 2, its more famously known elder ‘brother’, micro-ROS bridges seamlessly the ‘macro’ and the ‘micro’ robotics worlds. micro-ROS is the result of a project called OFERA and received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020.

In turn, FIWARE  is a curated framework of open source platform components which can be assembled together and with other third-party platform components to accelerate the development of Smart Robotics Solutions. 

Key contributions of Powered by FIWARE architectures to micro-ROS applications are:

  • Interfacing with the Internet of Things (IoT), Robots and third-party systems, for capturing updates on context information and translating required actuations.
  • Context Data/API management, publication, and monetization, bringing support to usage control and the opportunity to publish and monetize part of managed context data.
  • Processing, analysis, and visualization of context information implementing the expected smart behavior of applications and/or assisting end users in making smart decisions

For more information and registration please visit the FIWARE Webinar website!

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