An RTPS open source solution

Fast RTPS box200weProsima Fast RTPS is a high performance publish subscribe framework to share data in distributed systems using a decoupled model based on Publishers, Subscribers and Data Topics.

eProsima Fast RTPS is striking fast, beating alternatives such as ZeroMQ and other pubsub middleware in both windows and linux.

The framework generates the Publish/Subscribe code from the topic definition using an Interface Definition Language (IDL) allowing the developer focus in his application logic without bothering about the networking details.

eProsima Fast RTPS is free software (Apache License 2.0) with commercial support available, and built onto standards: eProsima Fast RTPS is a standalone Cpp implementation of the OMG (Object Management Group) RTPS (Real Time Publish Subscribe) wire protocol.

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Main Features

  • High performance. See the performance benchmarks.
  • Multi-Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Raspbian.
  • Easy to use: See a hello world video tutorial here.
  • Free and Open Source: Apache License 2.0
  • Commercial Support Available.
  • Full RTPS compliance: OMG RTPS 2.2 Compliant. Best Effort and Reliable Communications in both Unicast and Multicast.


Shapes Demo:

eProsima Shapes Demo is an application that Publishes and Subscribes to shapes of different colors and sizes moving on a board. Each Shape conforms its own topic: Square, Triangle or Circle. A single instance of the Shapes Demo can publish on or subscribe to several topics at a time.

It can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of eProsima Fast RTPS or as an interoperability demonstrator with other implementations of the RTPS protocol.

Available Documentation:

Full RTPS Compliance - Interoperability:

eProsima Fast RTPS is compliant with the OMG standard RTPS 2.2 (latest version), and interoperable with the main RTPS implementations available, such as the used in the main OMG DDS implementations: RTI Connext DDS, OpenSplice DDS, and Core DX. 

You can see a Full interoperability Demo in this video.

More Information about eProsima Fast RTPS:

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