eProsima develops high performance middleware such as eProsima RPC over DDS, a lot faster than web services or JMS, easier to use and open source. eProsima also develops extensions, tools and bridges and distributes the products of its partners such as RTI Connext.



eProsima helps you to design and develop your distributed system, from the data model to the middleware selection and configuration. Our company has been selected by many customers, ranging from small enterprises to government institutions and armies.

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eProsima: The Middleware Experts

We are middleware experts: eProsima provides insight to develop your distributed systems recommending you the right Middleware Products and supporting you in all the stages of the development.

We use different middleware technologies and also develop our own products and tools, focusing on the area of high performance distributed systems and working with different options such as eProsima RPC, OMG DDS, Apache Thirft, Google Protocol Buffers ...

We solve common problems of interoperability helping you to connect systems using different middleware technologies, inter-connecting systems exposing interfaces in JMS, Web Services, Rest, Corba, DDS, etc., using different router and bridge products, or just helping you to develop your own.

We believe in open standards and we are members of the OMG (Object Management Group) contributing to different specifications. 

We follow an open source business model, using different open source products and publishing our software with both open source and commercial licenses.