The Company is present mainly in the defense and aerospace markets, and in others such Energy, Telecomm, Etc.

The Company has a solid Customer base providing products, consulting, training and software development services. Examples are RTI, INDRA (defense and ATM), Navantia, EADS-Cassidian, Spanish Army, Boeing, GMV, Amper Programas, FADA-Catec, ISDEFE, Santa Bárbara Sistemas, Tecnobit, Systematic...


Project Examples


IDT (Tactical Data Interface) for the Spanish Army:

Joint Development of the specification of the data model, communication flows, middleware selection(DDS) and quality of service settings for Command and Control systems interoperability over Tactical Radios, Satellite and Ethernet data links.

The project involved the creation of a set of plugins and tools to allow the use of DDS in low bandwidth and unreliable data links, such as the tactical radios, with bandwidths as low as 2400 bps shared for 48 nodes. This technology has later been acquired by Real-Time Innovations.

The Different Data flows include video streaming, chat services, and different tactical information.

After the success of this project, the Spanish Army has mandated the use of the IDT for all their C2 systems.

Tactical Data Interface

Tactical Data Interface


Middleware consulting for Single European Sky ATM Research programme, SESAR:

DDS and Web Services have been selected as the middleware candidates to enable Air Traffic Control Interoperability in Europe. SESAR is a big consortium of air navigation service providers, airspace users, airports, the military, governments, etc. funded with more than 2100 Millions of Euros.
eProsima participates as a middleware expert, providing middleware analysis and prototyping during the last 3 years.


UAV Ground station communications servers for Cassidian:

Development of Communication server based on DDS for the Atlante UAV, Support and Bug fixing for the Neuron UAV communications server.

The communications server is the central communications node/router of an UAV ground station. The server is in charge of coordinate the data flows between different ground stations components (mission planning, weapon management, meteorology data...) and route the information from and to the plane.

UAV Ground Station Comm Server

UAV Ground Station Comm Server



Communications layer for C2 systems for INDRA and Amper:

This layer is being used in the two mayor C2 systems in the Spanish Army: SIMACET and BMS. Currently there are plans to implement this layer in other systems.

eProsima implemented a complete communications library, tuning and encapsulating the middleware and just exposing the necessary functionality.


Tactical Data Interface: Integrating two C2 systems

Tactical Data Interface: Integrating two C2 systems


DDS Plugins and Tools for Real-Time Innovations (RTI):

RTI is the developer of the leading implementation of DDS, RTI Connext DDS.

eProsima has developed different plugins and tools for RTI, now part of their product line.